phxcongames (phxcongames) wrote in thenexusrp,

Hope to see you there!

Some info about

WHERE: Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa (Alma School & I-60)
WHEN: July 21 - 24, 2005 (Pre-Reg! Gaming starts Thursday!)
COSTS: $25 Pre-Register / $35 At The Door
HOTEL: Rooms $59 (With ConGames Goup Code)

Presented by: CONEVENTS, LLC a subsidiary of ICE HOUSE Productions, LLC

24 Hour Games Galore! All your favorite games and more!! Whether you play Board, Card, Electronic, LARP, Miniature, Role-playing, or RPGA Games, this is your convention!

Local and National Representatives from your favorite game companies will be there. Games made by: Decipher, FASA, FanPro, Games Workshop, Hasbro, Mayfair, Out-Of-The-Box, Palladium, Pandahead, Parker Brothers, Privateer Press, Reality Simulators Inc., Reaper Miniatures, Steve Jackson Games, TSR, UberPlay, Upper Deck, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast, Wizkids... and more will be played!

Plus - Custom Games like Chris Culver's Boot Hill, Tricuspa Figment's Pokemon/Harry Potter or RSI's Orcs VS Dwarfs!


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