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thenexusrp's Journal

The Nexus Role Playing Message Board
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Community Maintainers

Welcome to The Nexus Roleplay,

Nexus is a Multigenre roleplay chatroom located in the Gateway: Oracle section of the internet.

The Nexus is a small demiplane that is both nowhere and yet everywhere at the same time. The plane itself is a rather drab, dull place. It contains a medium sized city made up of buildings which have become lost from their home worlds.

The city is on par with the average tech level of the modern age, for the most part. With pockets of higher/lower levels, as well as varying degrees of magic use, even though the plane itself is heavy with mystic energy.

The most interesting fact about the demiplane, is the fact that since it borders on every possible point of the space-time continuum simultaneously, it is possible to leave the Nexus for any of these points. Anyone who has been to the Nexus will find that it is easy to return at any time they desire.

Your Hosts, Moderators, And RP-Coordinators

  • Room Owner / Room Host - Grendel-Tech [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Room Co-Host / Room Hostess - Celestial Maiden [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Room Moderator / Nexus Jester - Hokuyou Anrui [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Room Moderator / MadMod Poet God - KetherMun [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Room Moderator / Resident Trickster - Coyote Trickster [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Room Moderator / Demon God - The Wildhawke [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
    Roleplay Moderator / WOD Moderator - Tor Bloodfang [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]
  • Roleplay Moderator / Mutie Moderator - NichMun [E-Mail | AIMSN | ICQUIN | Journal]