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Ghetto Bastards

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Introducing the first new RP (well, not exactly new, but . . .) since our move to the Gateway systrem.

Drawing elements from urban gang oriented movies (Colors, New Jack City, Scarface) the Ghetto Bastards RP is focused in New York City. The characters are gang oriented (whether in gangs themselves, the local law enforcement, or one of the people impacted by their actions). The time frame is the early 90s.

The most unique aspect about the Ghetto Bastards RP is the use of "crews". As the RP is intended to be a realistic portrayal, death is going to be fairly common. That would make it difficult to keep the player characters alive, in theory. In practice, most (if not all) characters are assumed to have a "crew" of people. Nonplayer characters that they can call upon for help, and will show at a moment's notice.

Crews are limited in size (3 to 6 people) for gang members, but not for law enforcement. To counter this, however, it takes a lot longer for law enforcement to receive their back-up.

Gangs are not limited by any means. Still, if creating a new, fictitious gang, you have to keep in mind how big it is, what they do for money, their relations with other gangs, and what turf they occupy.

The storyline is basically to run as close to a realistic view of the situation as possible.
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