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What I finally decided.

Horror Business 2: The Drive-In Drive-By.

Do you like scary movies? Do you like fantasy RP?

During the month of October (and possibly beyond, if the concept is well accepted) I will be holding a Ravenloft Campaign accroding to second edition rules. But with some modifications.

Rather than one overlying storyline, there will be several (unconnected) storylines in which all the characters (yes, even the ones who die) will be "recycled". Each of these substorylines will be a fantasy adaption on a classic horror movie. These will (ideally) include Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Night (or Return) of the Living Dead, 13 Ghosts, and even Hallowe'en (well, possibly.)

If anyone is interested, and everyone is invited, then PLEASE don't hesitate to come to me.

A few notes on character creation. Character classes of all types will be allowed. Races will be somewhat more strictly monitored. Maximum (starting) level will be 5. Yes, characters do retain their experience from one storyline to the next. Those who died will be boosted to match (but that's not a liscence to be lazy . . .). Equipment can be discussed with the DM (me). Stats may be generated in two ways. 4d6 dropping the lowest and arranged to taste, but must be rolled in my presence. The other method is 70n attribute points arranged to suit your taste and racial minimums. And maximums. And most importantly, the DM gets a copy of the C sheet. With no secrets.

I hope to see (and maybe kil >.> <.<) youze guys
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