Grendel (incendiary) wrote in thenexusrp,

And this is what happened.

Me: Ahhh. There you are, Dodger. We need to have a discussion

Dodger: uh oh.......what did i do this time?

Me: I want to know, in your words, what happened between you, Kether, and Kat

Dodger: ahh nothing...just me a kether being snappy to eachother...ya know sarcams and everything.

Me: When someone tells you that they're busy in a private RP, that doesn't mean (usually) tha they're trtying to be mean to you, or to cut you out of having fun. It means they're doing something private and another person . . . ANY other person . . . would throw everything into the trash.

If someone else offers to play with you, and you pull the kind of act that I hear you did with Kat . . . well, that's not really going to make an impression that you'll enjoy. In fact, based on how you were treating Kat, Kether and his friends have pretty much said they'll never play with you.

And . . . there IS no being snappy to a mod in here. There will be no more incidents of you making snide comments about him. There will be no incidents of him makingn snide comments about you. I won't have it.

As a side note, you have developed somewhat of a reputation. As a piece of friendly advice, you need to calm down. Just because people don't drop everything to respond to you the moment you come in doesn't mean they're ignoring you, nor does it mean that they deserve "snappy" comments. Try a little patience.

I'm not saying this tro be mean. But this is your one warning. I've had far too many complaints about you. And I am asking you now to calm down.

And she didn't respond after that. In fact, it appeared that she'd left.
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