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this is a cross-posted entry. yes it is.

Kat was in Nexus just after Nadine & Jesse left. i did a little roleplaying with her, but because Nad hasn't added our afternoon's stuff to the reach_nirvana RP lj, i'd better just log it here.

zounds! what does this portend for the saga of Dave & Darke Katt??? ignoring his gfriend, & trying to kill Kirke's...what goes on in the Grohlster's warped mind???
and does anyone give a rat's ass what happens to my VtM reject,loosely-based-on-rock stars C's anyway???

well. a few of ya do, i know. ;)
the girls i RP with regularly, & probably a few of the other Nexus chat regs. some of my fanfic writin' buds maybe, too.
so. i will dilvulge a few up and coming plotpoints in the warped mind of Kether the MUN. peppered with real life scenarios, and how i manage to juggle them to make these soap operaesque things i cook up work out.

Jesse knows i've worked with these Cs in other scenarios before anyway. when Jesse and i (a Washingtonian girl i know from In Real Life) used to tabletop, i had the whole slew of Cs i use in Nexus, but they were very different acting.
what they are in Nexus is a continuation of their start at the old wbs, when my regular RP partners were Misty's sister Rose, and a Canadian girl named Diane DiBiase (who played Cs named Gwynna Nightstalker, and Sabria Fa'sayle, respectively...) for a long long while Kat and i had a storyline in which the Cs lived in Paris with her Cs, Cronus and Kasi; this is in fact where Dave & Taylor the Foo Fighters got turned into vamps.
all this crap is chronicalled in webpages: here for those bored enough to have a look.
hey, i was bored at the time, too. and a guy's got to use his logs of email roleplay and his budding html skills someplace...
now, as you may have seen in Nexus (or can read at the reach_nirvana lj; my regular partners have been Nadine & Heidi (who play D'Namouh Necare-Cobain and Darke Katt, respectively.) BUT... Kat's been in and out of Nexus from time to time; to play with Tommy mostly, so it's seemed, and Heidi's been scarce, and not often in a playing-Darke-Katt mode.
does this bum me? not overly. it's certainly her perogative; altho I'm hoping to launch this new storyline with her at some point that'll put Taylor & Darke Katt together more often.

yes, little fanfic writers, you have inspired me. that, & everyone tryin' to convince me to make C's outside of my vampyre rock star microcosm. I wanna play a canon C.

i wanna play Severus Snape.

now how the fuck, you might ask, is this guy, who's already done sacrilege to everyone's favorite rock stars, & thrown the VtM rulebook out the window, what the hell horrible sodomizing of JK Rowling's C's could possibly come of this boy's warped mind???

the idea, so far, is this. Tay has gotten more & more powerful with the majik he has in potential, but he still doesn't know how to use it all. recently Tay was convinced by an elder to reSire the female C's (Katt and D'Namouh) in order to strengthen their blood; Dave has been sort of avoiding Katt so Tay has taken it upon himself to be her loyal friend.

now they have received message by owl that a majik school is willing to teach them.

this isn't the Hogwarts all you HPfans know and love tho. this takes place in the not-too-distant future.
after Harry's time there, and all the trouble with You-Know_Who, as well as rising tuition, Hogwarts is having difficulty getting enough students each semester.
so they've opened a continuing ed college, and have been willing to stoop so low as to allow this vampyre and this cat-woman to attend class there.
as if mudbloods weren't bad enough!

now, Nadine hasn't been in an Umoe-playing mood much either. and she never got the Potter fever, so i'm guessing she won't want to do much with this plotline.

if Katzeal is up for Rping and does come into Nexus more often, it's fairly certain it'd be better off for Darke Katt and for Kirke and D'Namouh also to steer well clear of the unholy union that is Dave when he's with Kasilin, so sending Katt to school with Tay is Heidi's best bet.
will she miss Dave? up to Heidi; not my C, after all.
will there be chemistry betwixt Tay & Darke Katt? or perhaps Darke Katt and some professor or continuing ed student at Hogwarts? remains to be seen.

BTW, this IS an open storyline in the making- feel free to bring your JKR canon or based-on-canon type Cs into Nexus and hop on in!
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