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Pokemon Roleplay
This is for the pokemon roleplay.

This is the system used for battles and otherwise online.

To start the battle (If there are more than one participant against an enemy) The players roll 1d20, the one with the highest number goes first against the enemy, if they are taken out, the person with the second highest number steps in to take his place, and so on and so forth. So if you have more than one person participating in a team match (like if you were on Indigo Plateu or Hoen's Victory Road) you -can- have two people against one of the elite four. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, you can and will have to face "bosses" that are twice their normal strength, to compensate for the tag team.

To battle, both players role 1d20. Higher number wins out whether attacking or defending.

If both players roll the same number, both must roll again. Higher number wins.

Status Effects are decided by the DM, the DM will roll 1d10, five or lower means no status affect, 6 or more is 1 status effect per attack in a round.

For pokemon who are weak against other pokemon (Like fire against ice and otherwise...) The attacks are 1/4 for damage against what the pokemon is weak against and 3 times as great as normal against what you're advantage is.

For instance. Dewgong is weak against Charizard and vice versa. If Dewgong gets hit by fire, the damage he takes is 3 times as much as what was originally rolled. If he is attacked by something that is weaker than he is (Like water) the damage is 1/4.

Each starting pokemon has -one- attack and -one- defense move, no more no less. If you have lick or kiss as an attack, you have the choice of a defense move. Like Defense Curl.

If an attack lands, it's 1d20 for damage amount. Multiply the result by 10 for the HP decrease.

Starting pokemon get 200HP before their next level. afterwards it's +10 HP per level.

To catch a pokemon. KO, Sleep, Paralyse or Poison them. the lower the HP the better the chance. Roll 1d20 for your capture attempt. DM rolls 1d20 to see what the ratio of catching the pokemon is. I.e. Player gets 10, DM gets 15. Pokemon is uncaught. But if you have multiple pokeballs (and yes you will get awarded cash and other items in the game) you can attempt to try again for as many pokeballs you have. Once you run out, that's it. If you haven't caught the pokemon, it returns to the play to show up again at a later date.

Wild pokemon when characters are first starting out have 200-400 HP. Mystic, Legendary, and "Boss Type" pokemon have 2000+ HP and there's a 100 to 1 ratio of capture.

I do not recommend trying to catch the legendaries since they are crucial to the story line, you can attempt to catch them, but their ratio doubles their rolls. If they roll a 10 it's actually a 20. And you have to roll a 20 to even have a chance of catching them.

Storyline wise there is a mix of Kanto, Johto, Hoen, Orange League, and otherwise in this. This is not the Gameboy, or Card game so understand this now. You -can- lose your pokemon if the DM chooses to take away your privelage of owning one. Also, this RP is going by -these- rules, I don't give a damn if you're the maker of poke'mon. there are rules this RP follows specifically. I will not follow the game rules to a T. It isn't any fun and people will decide they know more about it than the DM. That won't fly, if you have a suggestion, you can leave it with the DM or a mod for consideration, but do -not- try to throw your weight around. These rules were made for a specific reason, they're new and give the rest of the players who -don't- know about Pokemon, a chance to learn on their own terms, and not the stereotypical type. Learn them, if it's mean or rude let it be that way, It's the only way I know of to keep the players in line. Do not go against the DM's words. You -will- be taken out of the RP.

Items and otherwise
Starting trainers have the choice of a few things starting.

The -trainers- (this means people who have chosen to be masters or trainers and breeders) recieve each of the following

1 Pokedex
1 Pokenav / Pokegear
1 Backpack
10 pokeballs
5 Potions
2 Antidotes
1 Heal

And money wise you get 5000GP starting, it may sound like much but it's not. Really it's not.

Prices in any shop are as follows :

Potions And Escapes

Heals And Repels


Attack Up And Evol. Stones

Stats Up

Potion - 300

Super Potion - 700

Hyper Potion - 1200

Max Potion - 2500

Full Restore - 3000

Escape Rope - 550

Fluffy Tail - 1000

Awakening - 250

Revive - 1500

Antidote - 100

Full Heal - 600

Paralyze Heal - 250

Burn Heal - 250

Ice Heal - 250

Repel - 350

Super Repel - 500

Max Repel - 700

Pokeball - 200

Great Ball - 300

Net Ball - 1000

Dive Ball, - 1000

Nest Ball - 1000

Repeat Ball - 1000

Timer Ball - 1000

Gorgeous Ball - 1000

Preminum Ball - 1000

Heavy Ball - 1000

Level Ball - 1000

Lure Ball - 1000

Friend Ball - 1000

Fast Ball - 1000

Moon Ball - 1000

Love Ball - 1000

Park Ball - 1000

Ultra Ball - 1200

Safari Ball - N/A

Master Ball - N/A

Protien - 9800

Calcium - 9800

Iron - 9800

Zinc - 9800

Carbos - 9800

HP Up - 9800

PP Up - 9800

Firestone - 2100

Thunderstone - 2100

Leafstone - 2100

Waterstone - 2100

X Speed - 350

X Special - 350

X Attack - 500

X Defend - 400

X Accuracy - 950

Dire Hit - 650

Guard Spec - 700

TMs, HMs and other items not listed here will be added at a later date

Damage Counts and Level Ups
Ok. Here's the info for damage counts against strong and weaker against pokemon.

For "Super Effective" attacks (like fire against ice) the damage count is double. 1d20x2x10
For normal it's 1d20 multiplied by 10
For "Not very effective" it's 1d20 times 10, divided by 2 (i.e. 2=20/2=10)

For The Pokemon RP
This is just a tid-bit of info. Anyone looking to use a Daycare for level ups. Your pokemon gains 2 levels for every five hours of RP time. I.e. every RP session we play, (that includes the DM) your pokemon raises up two levels
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