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Do you know . . .

at this particular poiint in time, how sick you people make me? Quite a fucking bit. This is some way to treat a friend, I'll tell ya.

"He didn't drop to his knees and suck my dick on command, so he didn't respect my opinion!" I've told you time and again, Kether, that Amber is a welcomed guest in the room until she breaks the rules. Just because I don't throw her out doesn't mean I don't respect your desire for her not to be there. It just means that your desires conflict with the room's purpose. Amber was there with my blessing? No. She was there at my invitation.

I thought that the room had progressed from the days when I ran it with her and Meep. I thought we'd gone pas being quiet, and cliquish people who ignored anyone outside of our little circle. I thought I could show her the room and be proud. I suppose I thought wrong. Thanks.

I have two suggestions for you if you don't like Amber being in the room. The first one is easy. Ignore her. She won't bite your nose off if you do. My other suggestion? DON'T.

What annoys me more than just a little bit is that some of you have this idea in your heads that you're better people than Amber is. If you're so much better, PROVE it. Instead of treating her like she'll infect you with leprosy by being in the same room with you, try displaying the kind of patience and kindness you accuse her of lacking. What? Are you afriad she MIGHT pick up on it and reciprocate? Heaven forbid!

But then again, if she really IS the heartless, unfeeling bitch you claim she is (and she's not) you MIGHT just succeed at killing her with kindness.

I'd say more, but I just don't have time.
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