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Monday, March 17th, 2008
11:36 pm
Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес: kjk123@inbox.ru

_____°$$$$_______$°__°$______$°__°$_______$$$$$$_______ __
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
10:40 pm
Hope to see you there!
Some info about Phoenix ConGamesCollapse )

Saturday, September 11th, 2004
9:27 pm
Do you know . . .
at this particular poiint in time, how sick you people make me? Quite a fucking bit. This is some way to treat a friend, I'll tell ya.

"He didn't drop to his knees and suck my dick on command, so he didn't respect my opinion!" I've told you time and again, Kether, that Amber is a welcomed guest in the room until she breaks the rules. Just because I don't throw her out doesn't mean I don't respect your desire for her not to be there. It just means that your desires conflict with the room's purpose. Amber was there with my blessing? No. She was there at my invitation.

I thought that the room had progressed from the days when I ran it with her and Meep. I thought we'd gone pas being quiet, and cliquish people who ignored anyone outside of our little circle. I thought I could show her the room and be proud. I suppose I thought wrong. Thanks.

I have two suggestions for you if you don't like Amber being in the room. The first one is easy. Ignore her. She won't bite your nose off if you do. My other suggestion? DON'T.

What annoys me more than just a little bit is that some of you have this idea in your heads that you're better people than Amber is. If you're so much better, PROVE it. Instead of treating her like she'll infect you with leprosy by being in the same room with you, try displaying the kind of patience and kindness you accuse her of lacking. What? Are you afriad she MIGHT pick up on it and reciprocate? Heaven forbid!

But then again, if she really IS the heartless, unfeeling bitch you claim she is (and she's not) you MIGHT just succeed at killing her with kindness.

I'd say more, but I just don't have time.

Current Mood: infuriated
Friday, September 10th, 2004
4:36 pm
Just so damn tired...
I'm tired of it all, really I am.

The internet melodrama going on has finally worn thin on my patience and I still can't understand why I'm still allowing myself to go on with it.

In the past few days, no, weeks it's been one fucking hell after another and most recently, it's Amber.

I'm tired of hearing the stuck up snob put down other people, this much is true.

But I'm also fucking pissed off and annoyed at those that are ACTING JUST LIKE HER!

From the earliest of Nexus' beginnings, it was supposed to be a room where people could go and roleplay what they want, when they wanted and nothing else. Now ever since Amber and Tommy's fallout, Nexus' banishment from SC, and Meep as well as Neen's betrayl, everyone's been pulling the "well SC sucks this" or "meep is a bitch that" or "I don't want to have anything to do with them" bullshit and I'm sick of it.

I'm saying this loud and I'm saying this clear and I don't care about the outcome. I'm tired of this shit.

To Jesse : You need to get the fuck over yourself, just because Amber was a bitch once over an image doesn't mean you should act the same exact fucking way as she does because she's shown up on our front doorstep. Your immaturity towards the fact that she's hanging around, even though you haven't been in the room ONCE when she has is proof positive that apparently she got to you more than she did other people. If you cannot accept the fact that Amber's a bitch, you shouldn't be playing online period. EVERYONE has their quirks, Amber's just happens to be a sadistic satisfaction in putting down other people, which in itself makes her very sad.

To kether : We loved having you in Nexus, we'd hate to see you go, and no one can force you to stay, but the problem with your leaving is you're doing it in an inexcusable way. Nexus has been and always will be a home for ANY roleplayer. Regardless of their past history, that is unless the person PHYSICALLY breaks the room rules and in front of one of the moderators, we'd hired you as a mod to help keep the peace, but when you wouldn't even give the peace treaty a chance, it hurt and made me personally feel as if everyone in nexus right now was as stuck up as Amber has been and probably always will be.

Tommy : I've always backed you up on everything, even when Amber was telling you all sorts of shit about me I stuck by you and kept on being your friend, but I'm letting you know this right now, That shit she said about me hurt. REALLY hurt. And I swallowed my pride and let her berate me as much as she wanted, praying in the end she's have something ten times worse happen to her, you accepted her back into the room, and because of it we lost a lot of good people and players... I'm still going to back you up. But I'm tired of taking Amber's bullshit. If you really are going to enforce your own rules, I certainly hope you start by making sure she doesn't make anyone else feel the way i did when she treated me like dirt.

I'm through... I'm tired of the internet melodrama and I'm tired of the people ON the net acting with the "I'm so much better than you" attitudes every time I turn around. I've stayed quiet and calm throughout much of the crap, but I can't stay calm or quiet anymore. I want my friends with me in the Nexus, but if I can't have that, there's no reason for me to be there... if I don't have a reason to be there, I might as well resign.

But I'll leave that choice, to the people who now moderate Nexus.


Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
9:24 am
"if i could choose the outcomes of my current characters in the "year of frivolous metaplot"
snagged from z0mb1, who got it from spooktress
changeling - i had a few of these. but since i lost most my minor Cs in the switch to a new chat, i guess they're just consigned to that oblivion forgotten Cs go to.
oh, except the beltane bunny. s/he'll be back next mayday ;)
cam/anarch - guess that's my main Cs huh? caitiff count in this category?
i hadn't made any plans yet, but i can pretty much assume tay will be happy. tay's always happy.
i have a few upcoming plotlines for kirke & dave, but you'll have to wait & see. & hope i'm not mowed down in my prime with all them plots going to the grave with me & all.
garou - ???: never played it. probably never will.
sabbat - don't have one yet. i wonder if i should get one.
wraith - : i rarely play the ghost Cs. let's see... jimbo. will probably get himself into more mischief, & eventually get hellflamed. it'd serve him right. the guy's annoying.
no wei will be back, sooner or later.
moaning myrtle? i thought maybe i'd introduce her to rozz. they could 'live' gloomily ever after.
mage -: if i were giles the watcher i'd really think about getting a better job.
severus snape should as well. look, it's plain he's never going to get the defense against dark arts job, right? it's an unattainable dream. like the trix rabbit actually getting to eat any of the nasty stuff.
snape should go to las vegas & become a male stripper. god that boy is hottt!

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
8:35 pm
this is a meme.
add your lj name to the top of the list and one thing about yourself. it doesn't have to be interesting.

oneshotnothing- um. dunno. i bite my fingernails too much?
wasabifuck- I have a dog named Kittycat.
claudiamercy- I own a mansion and a yacht. No I don't. But I do have my own cable TV show,my own zine & I am a dj on a pirate station.
spiked_dragoness - I have fourteen ponies in my room, and they are arranged by colour, hair and body type.
Jesus_marley - I have an ingrown toenail...and it hurts
striges - I have two great guitars but I never play them
Gowan - I have the Chinese character for "Sex" tattooed on my right shoulder.
Anarathoth-I wear bikini style underwear with little vampire Garfields on them.
dawndesiree - I have scoliosis. And no I do not look like Zelda from Pet Sematary... different back disorder.
Nefariousski - I really hate prime numbers. For example I turned down a great price on a great house because it's address was prime.
scarlettpayne - I am petrified of sharks and spiders
the7thsky - I have an obsession with mobile phones even though I hate using them.
electrickat- i own the largest collection of frank sinatra records and memorabilia in north america
wanderingaengus - I could read when I was two years old
wigletwones - I can touch the tip of my nose with the tip of my tongue
bookbear - I hate hate HATE missing movie previews
hrnybear - I am absolutely terrified, make that petrified, of snakes, even when they are on TV or in a movie.
craigferguson - I can easily obsess over office supplies (red swingline, thats me)
bunkytomnj - I used to have a CDL and drove a charter bus for 3 months.
redgtbear - I have taped over 700 episodes of the Carol Duvall Show.
epicurus88 - I want to reincarnate as a japanese school-girl... and giggle a lot.
bobo_dreams - my biggest fear is being alone...not single..alone.
irishchub - I am obsessed with Fozzy Bear
slacker_x - Body hair on guys turns me on.
ratboy77 - My hair never makes any sense.
perplexio - I hate snakes.
pixie_doolittle - I am scared of the dark.
enigmae - I fantasize often about skipping town.
lethebasii - I am allergic to Bell Peppers. ;)
shineyquarter - I used to burn myself all the time playing with fire.
peagles - I have size 13 (UK) feet.
darkmoon - I hate using telephones.
ktbee - I wanted a cat as a child.
duchessnora - There is cough drops and peanut butter on my desk.
devafall - I'm scared of being alone.
mslulu - I can't play the piano
elisandra - I never wanted a pony
sirnate13 - motion is my art form
thesenorita - i love back tickles
ducati - five years ago i almost drowned.
nattie - i hate being locked out.
striggy - i stick my tongue out when i'm concentrating.
neph13 - the ocean freaks me out.
superbestia - I have a weakness for redheads.
fulguritus - i wear safety pins to keep me safe.
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
8:40 am
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Ending Soon
Hey guys. Check out my auction for a vintage Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PC game http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4315&item=8102281859&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

And please DO feel free to bid. ^_-  Ending soon! Dont miss out.

Monday, April 26th, 2004
4:26 pm
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Hey guys. Check out my auction for a vintage Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PC game http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4315&item=8102281859&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

And please DO feel free to bid. ^_-

Monday, April 12th, 2004
3:56 pm
Ghetto Bastards
Cross-posted from my personal journal
Introducing the first new RP (well, not exactly new, but . . .) since our move to the Gateway systrem.

Drawing elements from urban gang oriented movies (Colors, New Jack City, Scarface) the Ghetto Bastards RP is focused in New York City. The characters are gang oriented (whether in gangs themselves, the local law enforcement, or one of the people impacted by their actions). The time frame is the early 90s.

The most unique aspect about the Ghetto Bastards RP is the use of "crews". As the RP is intended to be a realistic portrayal, death is going to be fairly common. That would make it difficult to keep the player characters alive, in theory. In practice, most (if not all) characters are assumed to have a "crew" of people. Nonplayer characters that they can call upon for help, and will show at a moment's notice.

Crews are limited in size (3 to 6 people) for gang members, but not for law enforcement. To counter this, however, it takes a lot longer for law enforcement to receive their back-up.

Gangs are not limited by any means. Still, if creating a new, fictitious gang, you have to keep in mind how big it is, what they do for money, their relations with other gangs, and what turf they occupy.

The storyline is basically to run as close to a realistic view of the situation as possible.
Friday, March 5th, 2004
7:38 pm
It's been a while since the board's been given a post, so I guess I'll break the silence and give an idea of things going on.

We all know the shit SC is going through, a message today has basically said that we should probably expect losing handles or accounts since the hard drive the system is on right now is about ready to bite the big one. They're transferring the material over to a new server, but again, don't be surpised if some handles or accounts turn up missing.

In other news, I'm going on a recruitment mission to get more players into nexus, I'm also looking for ideas on RPs that might attract a bigger audience, if anyone has an idea let me know (e-mail is tennyo@studio-tennyo.com).

Also, I've again started my Cybercity roleplay, while the site doesn't have everything up, if anyone's interested in looking in on it you're more than welcome to.


Also, I've changed a bit of the userinfo's look for the board itself, it's probably dorky and yes I know it's a copy of what I used for Cybercity's MB, but even so, I thought it looked cool.

If any of you are alive out there *shakes you all violently* wake uuuuuup!!

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
12:02 pm
Bishoujou No Senshi Sailor Moon - Silver Sailor Wars
In the years following the defeat of Galaxia, the Senshi have lead relatively peaceful lives.

With the exception of the Starlights, their 'princess in training' Kikuhana, and Seiya's love Tristen and their Son Cao, leaving for the US to take an extended vacation from the battle ground worn Tokyo.

Unfortunately the wars are not over and the seperation of the senshi into sides may have been their greatest mistake as a new and darker force has appeared, using methods of both the past and the future as his weapons of mass destruction, succeeding in many places where his predacessors have not.

Using the stolen powers of enemies of the past, and those of some possibly not yet born. The Black Vortex Knight has pulled together the skills of even the senshi themselves to find the four crown jewels and end the universe as a whole.

He has already gathered one. Galaxia's Crown Jewel, known as a Celestine Stone, has already fallen into his hands, and the fate of the Galaxy has already begun to collide.

There are three more.

With Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten all wanting nothing more than time to breathe, Kiku has been feeling the shift of time moving in a downward spiral, and the very fabric of the universe itself is suffering because of it. Knowing danger is eminant she has tried hard to keep the others from suffering the same battles over and over again... but as it is the duty of a soldier to fight... she cannot keep them from being involved for long.

And without the help of the inner senshi... the Five are on their own.

That is until fate intervines.

Enter Void, Kyouhaku, Silverstar and Silvercrescent. Four members each coming from different backgrounds.

Void, a Sailor Knight/Senshi of an eternal universe steps in to aide Kikuhana and the rest of the Sailor Scouts. Knowing only that one of the senshi he was sent to protect is the Princess of the Silver Moon.

Kyouhaku, the unknown and last heir of the BlackMoon, has entered the fight at first to be a bystander... but thanks to Vortex's influence, has become an unwilling soldier for the dark.

Silverstar and Crescent have both entered as watchers and protectors of the Starlight Senshi, with History going horribly wrong they find it hard not to intervine. It's unsure who's side they're fully on however.

In the background, the driving force behind Vortex looms, watching and waiting for the oppertunity to strike.

With Science's 'big bang' theory lying deep within the secrets of the four crown jewels, it's any wonder what would happen if the four were brought together again...

The fight for the fate of the universe has begun once again. And without the power of all the Sailor Soldiers at hand, time is critical and the protection of the four moons is crucial.

Who's side will win? Good? Or Evil?

For now... Evil has the upper hand...

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, September 28th, 2003
4:33 am
What I finally decided.
Horror Business 2: The Drive-In Drive-By.

Do you like scary movies? Do you like fantasy RP?

During the month of October (and possibly beyond, if the concept is well accepted) I will be holding a Ravenloft Campaign accroding to second edition rules. But with some modifications.

Rather than one overlying storyline, there will be several (unconnected) storylines in which all the characters (yes, even the ones who die) will be "recycled". Each of these substorylines will be a fantasy adaption on a classic horror movie. These will (ideally) include Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Night (or Return) of the Living Dead, 13 Ghosts, and even Hallowe'en (well, possibly.)

If anyone is interested, and everyone is invited, then PLEASE don't hesitate to come to me.

A few notes on character creation. Character classes of all types will be allowed. Races will be somewhat more strictly monitored. Maximum (starting) level will be 5. Yes, characters do retain their experience from one storyline to the next. Those who died will be boosted to match (but that's not a liscence to be lazy . . .). Equipment can be discussed with the DM (me). Stats may be generated in two ways. 4d6 dropping the lowest and arranged to taste, but must be rolled in my presence. The other method is 70n attribute points arranged to suit your taste and racial minimums. And maximums. And most importantly, the DM gets a copy of the C sheet. With no secrets.

I hope to see (and maybe kil >.> <.<) youze guys
Friday, September 26th, 2003
1:10 am
My first poll!
Poll #184554 A Nexus Halloween

Alrighty then. It's gonna be October soon. And what I was thinking was that I'd organize a DMed Ravenloft game. Using second edition rules. Would anyone be interested?

Yes! Horror RP rules!
Ehh. Horror is a good idea, but does it have to be Ravenloft?
Ravenloft=good. Second edition=bad. I only like First/Third.
Nah. Why do a special RP just for Halloween? That's silly.

Of course, if you're not a Ravenloft fan, but ARE interested in something more horrific, you can certainly add your own suggestions here.

Saturday, September 6th, 2003
3:26 pm
i'm afraid i really despise this new layout.
livejournal's not my beautiful beans from Nadine.
too many bright colors on any website makes me wanna go... if deadjournal wasn't so unpopular and kinda lame, i'd be there instead've here just because the pages are all black.
i wish they'd give you an option of background once you logged in.

and i really preffered having my choices of where to go & what to do lined up alongside rather than in this java thing on top, cos it tends to switch off as i'm reaching for something.

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, August 4th, 2003
10:47 pm
The Prophecy RP - Casting Call
"Lord, blind my eyes to these visions and deafen my ears to the screams, for I have seen legions of god's army fall. And heard the cries of ten-thousand angels. Guide my hand lord, for what I have seen, is the coming end of the kingdom of heaven... Protect and keep these pages in heaven's darkest hour, and watch over us lord, for Heaven's war has come to earth. - Thomas Dagget"

What if there was a time, in which god forgot that he had ever created something more than man? What if the angels of heaven, became jealous of he who was made in god's image. And it wasn't only Lucifer, who decided to cause anarchy in Heaven?

The hour of an apocalypse is upon us, and it isn't the world who must fear, There are drawing, two sides upon the kingdom of heaven, it's angel against angel, and one, A nephilim named Danyael, has become one of the deciding forces among the kingdoms of heaven.

But if one angel has anything to do with it, Heaven won't stand a chance. And neither will earth.

Gabriel has decided to take the law of heaven into his own hands, to make god 'love' his angels again. Through trial. Or force.

Stuck in the middle of this are humans specially chosen by both sides of heaven, if any of them fall into the right or wrong hands, Heaven could fall, or be protected. But with Gabriel and Lucifer working to each make heaven in their own thoughts and image, the remaining angels still obidient to god, are left with only one alternative.

"Find these humans, before someone else does."

The deciding event will cause the reign of heaven to end, or to continue for another lifetime. The question is... who will win the war?


The Prophecy is a series of movies, based on the screenplays by Gregory Widen and involve a lot of graphic intake including the deaths of the angels (Physical removal of the heart whether by weapon... or by hand) among maulings and otherwise. This is a -horror- style RP and isn't meant for the faint of heart. The angels and mortals within the RP will be placed through a trial and error sort of style when and if they run into one another and if they are on opposite sides of the powerstruggle.

Angels versus angels is an interesting conception since that the amount of strength and preserverance that they can show is almost uncountable, however, and I may implore a system into this. However I'm not sure yet. But it's an idea for you guys to look at if you want to be involved in an angel RP. I'll update a bit more later, the system we're going to probably try using (if I can't learn it by the end of the week, we're going free form) Is a system called Children Of Fire

I'm going to be looking into this for reasons that are specified above, I want to learn the system and yada yada yada. Look into it if you're interested.

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, July 21st, 2003
4:52 pm
And this is what happened.
Me: Ahhh. There you are, Dodger. We need to have a discussion

Dodger: uh oh.......what did i do this time?

Me: I want to know, in your words, what happened between you, Kether, and Kat

Dodger: ahh nothing...just me a kether being snappy to eachother...ya know sarcams and everything.

Me: When someone tells you that they're busy in a private RP, that doesn't mean (usually) tha they're trtying to be mean to you, or to cut you out of having fun. It means they're doing something private and another person . . . ANY other person . . . would throw everything into the trash.

If someone else offers to play with you, and you pull the kind of act that I hear you did with Kat . . . well, that's not really going to make an impression that you'll enjoy. In fact, based on how you were treating Kat, Kether and his friends have pretty much said they'll never play with you.

And . . . there IS no being snappy to a mod in here. There will be no more incidents of you making snide comments about him. There will be no incidents of him makingn snide comments about you. I won't have it.

As a side note, you have developed somewhat of a reputation. As a piece of friendly advice, you need to calm down. Just because people don't drop everything to respond to you the moment you come in doesn't mean they're ignoring you, nor does it mean that they deserve "snappy" comments. Try a little patience.

I'm not saying this tro be mean. But this is your one warning. I've had far too many complaints about you. And I am asking you now to calm down.

And she didn't respond after that. In fact, it appeared that she'd left.
12:16 am
well, i think i'm done with Nexus.

if little idiots like dodger and loony can sit around insulting me and anyone else who is actually able to spell, if they are driving off everyone else and not being reprimanded because we need to keep the damn post count up, then it's not the kind of chat i can be part of.
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
7:00 pm
this is a cross-posted entry. yes it is.
Kat was in Nexus just after Nadine & Jesse left. i did a little roleplaying with her, but because Nad hasn't added our afternoon's stuff to the reach_nirvana RP lj, i'd better just log it here.

zounds! what does this portend for the saga of Dave & Darke Katt??? ignoring his gfriend, & trying to kill Kirke's...what goes on in the Grohlster's warped mind???
and does anyone give a rat's ass what happens to my VtM reject,loosely-based-on-rock stars C's anyway???

well. a few of ya do, i know. ;)
the girls i RP with regularly, & probably a few of the other Nexus chat regs. some of my fanfic writin' buds maybe, too.
so. i will dilvulge a few up and coming plotpoints in the warped mind of Kether the MUN. peppered with real life scenarios, and how i manage to juggle them to make these soap operaesque things i cook up work out.

Jesse knows i've worked with these Cs in other scenarios before anyway. when Jesse and i (a Washingtonian girl i know from In Real Life) used to tabletop, i had the whole slew of Cs i use in Nexus, but they were very different acting.
what they are in Nexus is a continuation of their start at the old wbs, when my regular RP partners were Misty's sister Rose, and a Canadian girl named Diane DiBiase (who played Cs named Gwynna Nightstalker, and Sabria Fa'sayle, respectively...) for a long long while Kat and i had a storyline in which the Cs lived in Paris with her Cs, Cronus and Kasi; this is in fact where Dave & Taylor the Foo Fighters got turned into vamps.
all this crap is chronicalled in webpages: here for those bored enough to have a look.
hey, i was bored at the time, too. and a guy's got to use his logs of email roleplay and his budding html skills someplace...
now, as you may have seen in Nexus (or can read at the reach_nirvana lj; my regular partners have been Nadine & Heidi (who play D'Namouh Necare-Cobain and Darke Katt, respectively.) BUT... Kat's been in and out of Nexus from time to time; to play with Tommy mostly, so it's seemed, and Heidi's been scarce, and not often in a playing-Darke-Katt mode.
does this bum me? not overly. it's certainly her perogative; altho I'm hoping to launch this new storyline with her at some point that'll put Taylor & Darke Katt together more often.

yes, little fanfic writers, you have inspired me. that, & everyone tryin' to convince me to make C's outside of my vampyre rock star microcosm. I wanna play a canon C.

i wanna play Severus Snape.

now how the fuck, you might ask, is this guy, who's already done sacrilege to everyone's favorite rock stars, & thrown the VtM rulebook out the window, what the hell horrible sodomizing of JK Rowling's C's could possibly come of this boy's warped mind???

the idea, so far, is this. Tay has gotten more & more powerful with the majik he has in potential, but he still doesn't know how to use it all. recently Tay was convinced by an elder to reSire the female C's (Katt and D'Namouh) in order to strengthen their blood; Dave has been sort of avoiding Katt so Tay has taken it upon himself to be her loyal friend.

now they have received message by owl that a majik school is willing to teach them.

this isn't the Hogwarts all you HPfans know and love tho. this takes place in the not-too-distant future.
after Harry's time there, and all the trouble with You-Know_Who, as well as rising tuition, Hogwarts is having difficulty getting enough students each semester.
so they've opened a continuing ed college, and have been willing to stoop so low as to allow this vampyre and this cat-woman to attend class there.
as if mudbloods weren't bad enough!

now, Nadine hasn't been in an Umoe-playing mood much either. and she never got the Potter fever, so i'm guessing she won't want to do much with this plotline.

if Katzeal is up for Rping and does come into Nexus more often, it's fairly certain it'd be better off for Darke Katt and for Kirke and D'Namouh also to steer well clear of the unholy union that is Dave when he's with Kasilin, so sending Katt to school with Tay is Heidi's best bet.
will she miss Dave? up to Heidi; not my C, after all.
will there be chemistry betwixt Tay & Darke Katt? or perhaps Darke Katt and some professor or continuing ed student at Hogwarts? remains to be seen.

BTW, this IS an open storyline in the making- feel free to bring your JKR canon or based-on-canon type Cs into Nexus and hop on in!
Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
9:01 pm
Copied from Kit's DJ
Pokemon Roleplay
This is for the pokemon roleplay.

This is the system used for battles and otherwise online.

To start the battle (If there are more than one participant against an enemy) The players roll 1d20, the one with the highest number goes first against the enemy, if they are taken out, the person with the second highest number steps in to take his place, and so on and so forth. So if you have more than one person participating in a team match (like if you were on Indigo Plateu or Hoen's Victory Road) you -can- have two people against one of the elite four. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, you can and will have to face "bosses" that are twice their normal strength, to compensate for the tag team.

To battle, both players role 1d20. Higher number wins out whether attacking or defending.

If both players roll the same number, both must roll again. Higher number wins.

Status Effects are decided by the DM, the DM will roll 1d10, five or lower means no status affect, 6 or more is 1 status effect per attack in a round.

For pokemon who are weak against other pokemon (Like fire against ice and otherwise...) The attacks are 1/4 for damage against what the pokemon is weak against and 3 times as great as normal against what you're advantage is.

For instance. Dewgong is weak against Charizard and vice versa. If Dewgong gets hit by fire, the damage he takes is 3 times as much as what was originally rolled. If he is attacked by something that is weaker than he is (Like water) the damage is 1/4.

Each starting pokemon has -one- attack and -one- defense move, no more no less. If you have lick or kiss as an attack, you have the choice of a defense move. Like Defense Curl.

If an attack lands, it's 1d20 for damage amount. Multiply the result by 10 for the HP decrease.

Starting pokemon get 200HP before their next level. afterwards it's +10 HP per level.

To catch a pokemon. KO, Sleep, Paralyse or Poison them. the lower the HP the better the chance. Roll 1d20 for your capture attempt. DM rolls 1d20 to see what the ratio of catching the pokemon is. I.e. Player gets 10, DM gets 15. Pokemon is uncaught. But if you have multiple pokeballs (and yes you will get awarded cash and other items in the game) you can attempt to try again for as many pokeballs you have. Once you run out, that's it. If you haven't caught the pokemon, it returns to the play to show up again at a later date.

Wild pokemon when characters are first starting out have 200-400 HP. Mystic, Legendary, and "Boss Type" pokemon have 2000+ HP and there's a 100 to 1 ratio of capture.

I do not recommend trying to catch the legendaries since they are crucial to the story line, you can attempt to catch them, but their ratio doubles their rolls. If they roll a 10 it's actually a 20. And you have to roll a 20 to even have a chance of catching them.

Storyline wise there is a mix of Kanto, Johto, Hoen, Orange League, and otherwise in this. This is not the Gameboy, or Card game so understand this now. You -can- lose your pokemon if the DM chooses to take away your privelage of owning one. Also, this RP is going by -these- rules, I don't give a damn if you're the maker of poke'mon. there are rules this RP follows specifically. I will not follow the game rules to a T. It isn't any fun and people will decide they know more about it than the DM. That won't fly, if you have a suggestion, you can leave it with the DM or a mod for consideration, but do -not- try to throw your weight around. These rules were made for a specific reason, they're new and give the rest of the players who -don't- know about Pokemon, a chance to learn on their own terms, and not the stereotypical type. Learn them, if it's mean or rude let it be that way, It's the only way I know of to keep the players in line. Do not go against the DM's words. You -will- be taken out of the RP.

Items and otherwise
Starting trainers have the choice of a few things starting.

The -trainers- (this means people who have chosen to be masters or trainers and breeders) recieve each of the following

1 Pokedex
1 Pokenav / Pokegear
1 Backpack
10 pokeballs
5 Potions
2 Antidotes
1 Heal

And money wise you get 5000GP starting, it may sound like much but it's not. Really it's not.

Prices in any shop are as follows :

Potions And Escapes

Heals And Repels


Attack Up And Evol. Stones

Stats Up

Potion - 300

Super Potion - 700

Hyper Potion - 1200

Max Potion - 2500

Full Restore - 3000

Escape Rope - 550

Fluffy Tail - 1000

Awakening - 250

Revive - 1500

Antidote - 100

Full Heal - 600

Paralyze Heal - 250

Burn Heal - 250

Ice Heal - 250

Repel - 350

Super Repel - 500

Max Repel - 700

Pokeball - 200

Great Ball - 300

Net Ball - 1000

Dive Ball, - 1000

Nest Ball - 1000

Repeat Ball - 1000

Timer Ball - 1000

Gorgeous Ball - 1000

Preminum Ball - 1000

Heavy Ball - 1000

Level Ball - 1000

Lure Ball - 1000

Friend Ball - 1000

Fast Ball - 1000

Moon Ball - 1000

Love Ball - 1000

Park Ball - 1000

Ultra Ball - 1200

Safari Ball - N/A

Master Ball - N/A

Protien - 9800

Calcium - 9800

Iron - 9800

Zinc - 9800

Carbos - 9800

HP Up - 9800

PP Up - 9800

Firestone - 2100

Thunderstone - 2100

Leafstone - 2100

Waterstone - 2100

X Speed - 350

X Special - 350

X Attack - 500

X Defend - 400

X Accuracy - 950

Dire Hit - 650

Guard Spec - 700

TMs, HMs and other items not listed here will be added at a later date

Damage Counts and Level Ups
Ok. Here's the info for damage counts against strong and weaker against pokemon.

For "Super Effective" attacks (like fire against ice) the damage count is double. 1d20x2x10
For normal it's 1d20 multiplied by 10
For "Not very effective" it's 1d20 times 10, divided by 2 (i.e. 2=20/2=10)

For The Pokemon RP
This is just a tid-bit of info. Anyone looking to use a Daycare for level ups. Your pokemon gains 2 levels for every five hours of RP time. I.e. every RP session we play, (that includes the DM) your pokemon raises up two levels
Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
4:52 am
roleplayers wanted
i need people to play some werewolves usin' white wolf's WoD settin'... i need ahrouns from all tribe (one per tribe; Get of Fenris, Glass Walker, and Shadow Lord already taken)... breed doesn't matter... rank up to 2... contact me on icq (52742060) or AIM (Nick Fildestrae) for further information and such as that...

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